Roundtable hosted by Dhruti, for GD Goenka University

Women in Industrial Design, India

The roundtable brings together veteran women Industrial designers in India who will share their experiences and views of practicing in a field still predominantly full of men. Moderated by Dhruti Soni.

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WiDesign Fest'21 - UMO Design

WiDesign Fest will be a mix of inspirational talks by leading practitioners in design, pioneers from the industry, management gurus, social innovators, and many industry UX folks specially curated for you.

Strate Ecole De Design

WID for Strate Ecole de Design.

Asked to join the Cultural Association of Strate Bangalore in conversations around women, the industry, entrepreneurship, and equality.

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What are we missing?

I used to think creating products and experiences meant delivering "pleasant" or "enjoyable" experiences for the users. Boy, was I wrong. Read on to find out how products, experiences and everything 'designed' could have the possibility to reflect real life.

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Give yourself permission

Off late, I've been having a lot of conversations around life, as vague as that may sound. Conversations surrounding creativity and what it means to have an abundance of faith in the truth that things will work out.

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Biophillic Design

4 walls, artificial lighting, glass windows, and false ceilings. We went from roaming freely in the vast endless grasslands to stuck enclosed in the concrete jungle we've created. Stepping outside, is not seen as a privilege we yearn to take advantage of.


Productivity in a remote world

An insight into what productivity means for me, and how I've learned to snap myself out of unhealthy cycles while working remotely. This will be a two-part series of articles, the first focusing more on work and productivity, as society measures it.

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Multitasking, a myth or reality?

Watching Netflix on the side, multiple tabs open, reading a book, sipping your drink, and texting your friends all at once. We have become professionals at multitasking. But is it truly as effective as we believe it out to be?

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Remote internship survival guide

Stuck at home, wondering how whiteboard sessions and coffee breaks would be like in the 'real world'? Who's to say a remote internship can't give you (nearly) the same experiences?

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Emailing; how do you do it?

A common question everyone seemed to have on their mind was; how do we write emails that'll actually get us noticed? It's tricky, isn't it? Schools seem to be churning professionals into the industry left right and center! How do you then manage to stand out?

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Product Design vs. Product Design

Job postings refer to product designers as people who design and develop digital products, rather than traditional physical products. How do they go together for me?

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A letter to my future self - learn more, do more, experiment even more!

I've fallen in love with experimenting and learning on the journey. Here's my journey!

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Sirohi, a sustainable luxury brand that advocates a slow and simple lifestyle based on values of Indian heritage and culture. Their products are handwoven by skilled women artisans with an aim to bring the beauty of the outdoors, indoors.

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Reimagining Productivity

Behind the scenes to understand how we could possibly imagine creativity. In a post-covid world, productivity has lost its meaning. Through this post, I aim to visualize what could have been, or what could be

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Internalizing Creativity

From Mughal paintings to Adobe aided graphic posters, we've come a long way. Looking through our roots and truly understanding what makes design in India what it is today.

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A Designer's Responsibility

"With great power, comes great responsibility" Uncle Ben wasn't joking when he said that. Discussing what

our responsibility is as a designer and how we can use our skills to make the world a better place.

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Get to know the WID Girls

It's been long overdue, but someone we know once asked us why we haven't interviewed each other yet? Well, here we are! A short insight into the girls over at women in design, India! 


Indian Graphic Design

From Mughal paintings to Adobe aided graphic posters, we've come a long way. Looking through our roots and truly understanding what makes design in India what it is today.


Taking it back to the start

How Guerrilla Girls inspired the next billion women feminist artists, including the women in design team.


India's Design Perspective

How can we build our story, tell our perspectives and truly understand what it means to be a creative in India, if all we know is design through the perspective of another culture?


Know what you don't know

'Comfort zones' are no longer comfortable in an increasingly unpredictable world moving ever so quickly. People are constantly evolving, changing, growing — how do you?