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Why does a TV remote have to look like a TV remote?


The brief was simple; To design a smart home remote. The design, not so much. I wanted to break through the invisible, yet deeply evident restrictions that lay dormant while designing. Pushing the boundaries of conventional design revolving around form and interaction, Anja works cohesively with your home environment, the smart home remote that does it all.

Interaction Design

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How we interact with our phones.

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One with everything


Noun /həʊm/

Why Anja?

Anja, in comparison to the previous 'conventional' TV remotes offers an ambience of comfort coupled with nature in disguise. Offering similar functionality, with a few added advantages that allow Anja to stand out from the average.

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For my Graduate thesis with Hike One, I was fortunate enough to have the freedom to work on anything I would like. I took this opportunity to work on something that would challenge me as a designer as well as push me to explore newer avenues.

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"How can we create a healthier environment for mental health through digital apps and services for today’s millennials aged 24 – 28 years old?

Ever since we were kids, we were always reminded to take care of our physical bodies, to eat well, to work out and keep fit – to be healthy. But what is healthy? Everyone focuses on their physical health, their physical fitness, but when it comes down to taking care of our emotional and mental health – how do we do that?



A lot of in-depth research was conducted to truly understand Mental Health.


I want to provide people with positive control which allows them to use technology and not let technology control them. The ideal goal of the product is to allow users to start living their life again and be present in the moment, rather than scrolling through the past or looking for the future. I want to convert this “fear” of missing out into the “Joy” of missing out.


Have a look at the full in-depth research document behind the whole project. Talking about everything from mental health to societal hierarchy

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a. Convert FOMO to JOMO
b. Prioritize long term goals and happiness
c. Reconnect! (with others and ourselves)
d. Put your phone down and enjoy life!
e. Provide focus and purpose



Done through multiple initial brainstorming exercises refined and developed over time to a polished concept.

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The defined age group “24-28 y/o” is quite broad and versatile. However, it is an ideal age group as this is when most of your life learning takes place. This is when you create the base on which your entire life will be built, when you finally learn to adjust to the real world and being an adult.


Some initial concepts created using “how might we”prompts to trigger a variety of solutions. These concepts were shortlisted down to 8 using heat maps to identify the solutions which seemed best suited.

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It was no walk in the park to refine the 8 concepts down to 3. Each was unique and had its own selling point. We analyzed each concept in detail identifying their key points and personalities, then taking it a step further to develop the concepts to see the path each concept would lead us down to.

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Having developed each of the three, we felt the final concept is a blend of “Weight” and “Be Transparent”


From wireframes to the physical interactions of the product, merging both in a flowing manner which makes the overall user experience smooth and enjoyable.


From Ideas to Reality.


NICO // Interactions made easier.


Digitized interfaces that communicate with you.

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Nico 23@2x.jpg

The next step would be to test how users would react to NICO, it's improved interactions as well as it's innovative transparency feature. How would they find the transparency feature. Does it fit in with their interactions?

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