Nihal, from Gamer Wars, reached out to me to design a "Logo" for their brand. What started out as a simple logo request, turned out to be a creative design and direction consult where we worked through what the brand intends to stand for and showcase. We focused on the bigger picture, as compared to the immediate launch, to create a logo that would evolve and grow with the brand. From just an app to banners, merchandise and even maybe events — Gamer Wars was given a polished identity that would stick with them through the times to come. 


Brand Strategy​ & Development

Creative Design & Direction.


The brand

Gamer Wars is an upcoming start-up which provides users with a platform to battle it out till the last man stands. 

Combining games such as PUBG, Chess, Counterstrike, and other mobile games to create an interactive element that curates a mixture of emotions leading to a final win (or loss). Through mutual betting, you set an amount you're willing to fight for, and battle it out with someone within the same price category — winner takes all. 

Battle to win, with Gamer Wars.


While creating a simplified logo that really calls to the gaming community, yet at the same time allows the users to know at-a-glance what the app is about. 

One thing the good folks over at Gamer Wars knew was the colour scheme — they choose a cool mint blue which set the tone for the brand overall. 

3 versions were created, each with a different use case in mind. One as a mobile app icon, one of the official name, no graphics, and lastly, one which was a mix of text + graphics. Each of these served a different purpose, yet remained synonymous overall.


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