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Making the big jump from a design student, to a design professional.

Fresh out of design school, having done my final jury. What a feeling ~ all this para-covid-19.

As any young designer, out of school and into the 'real world' — I was asking myself, who am I? What do I have to say? What is so different about me? In the 21st century, when you have access to the world wide web, people are constantly trying to put themselves out there, to be heard, to be seen, to be noticed. And so did I. I knew I wanted to pursue being an independent designer, I needed a website to be known. So there I was, sitting in front of a computer, minimal web development knowledge, but oozing passion and determination. Today, I can confidently say, I create stunning, unconventional websites for brands.

Web Design

Updated Brand Identity

Who is Minimalcacti (2019)?

Visual Identity

What denotes my identity now?

What do I have to say to the world?

Who am i?

I am a rather unconventional designer, who loves explore. A lot. 

Hence, "Consciously creating, constantly experimenting."

An Industrial Product Designer, and a self-taught UI/UX Designer — A creative consultant that likes to think out-of-the-box, and push worldly conventionalizes to re-imagine how the everyday can look like. 

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Design + more

"I am more than just a designer" Wanting to convey my multi-talented personality, I took my website as a blank canvas, as I always do with my designs, to create something that was so uniquely mine. Templates don't do justice to my wild ideas, they're someone else's belief of what a website should look like. Through a clean blank canvas, I can truly project my identity out for the world. 

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Clean & crisp

Minimal was my go-to, I even incorporated it into my brand name — "MinimalCacti".

Project layout was minimal, classic and symmetrical. Upon hover, you have a heading appear that provides the necessary details with regards to each project.

This keeps the page clean upon glance, and invites the users to really interact with each element with curiosity to explore. 

Keeping the landing page very clean, free from unnecessary distractions and only presenting what I want to be heard. The landing page is what the user sees upon arrival — It's a 30 second intro to whether or not they want to continue to explore your website or not, is it worth it? 




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A picture speaks a thousand words. 

Rather than writing a 1000 words about the product, its function, I incorporated visuals, pictures, illustrations, videos wherever I could. 

If a picture speaks a 1000 words, and I have about 30 images per product, I think I've said all I need to, about the product.

You do the math.

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Embrace the journey rather than obsessing over the results. 

It's the journey that helps you grow and evolve — results are merely temporary, and keep changing as you progress.

Above all, I wanted to highlight and focus on the process of beginning from a brief / idea,  and arriving at a solution that offers a rich experience. A portfolio is, and always will be, a 'work-in-progress' of the designer. I am constantly improving my craft, and so it's the process and journey that holds importance of each project, rather than the tangible solution. 

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To truly be a process-oriented showcase of my works, I  have even included project research documents, case studies and further write ups on my web-based portfolio to allow viewers an in-depth understanding of each and every project. 

(Not all, of course, some are protected rightfully under NDA's.




POST — 2020

2020 — the year the world changed, people changed, outlooks changed. 

It's as if something has been unlocked, upgraded within us. This urgently moved me to create an updated version of my website.

Want to see my journey to creating my updated website?


Let's make the next big thing!

We have always thrived, and survived, on collaboration, creativity and communication. And we always will.

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