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Nico (Speculative)

Dhruti worked at Hike One, as an Interaction Design Graduate Intern for her Design thesis. She worked under the mentorship of Lodovico Marchesini (currently at IKEA). This was a rather special project, since it redirected Dhruti's focus within design – and her role within it.

In collaboration with Hike One, as the Interaction Design Graduate Thesis. Nico isn't just a speculative design solution, rather a response to the hold social media and technology has over our mental health. Designed at the buzzing intersection of digital and physical products, Nico was birthed at the brink of AR and VR's popularisation in daily use-cases.

Ramya Pothuri
Creative Coding

Interior Design & Images credit: Karan Gandhi, Stuti Gandhi, Neha Kachhara Interiors

Regain Control

From FOMO to JOMO —

Today, if you go out to a restaurant or for a jog in the park, you see more people stuck to the screens on their mobile devices rather than interacting with each other or just taking in nature. We have become zombie-like creatures that depend on screens to tell us how to feel, act, and behave. We’ve stopped being human. I want to take on the challenge of converting the Fear of Missing Out into the Joy of Missing Out. I want to provide humans with positive control over themselves and learn to live life the way it’s meant to be lived – to enjoy daily moments with friends, family, co-workers or even just strangers. Let’s regain control and live our lives the way we were meant to!

Interact smarter with Nico. Convert to Nico's transparent mode to disconnect with purpose. The interactions you make will be intentful and driven with purpose. No longer will apps or notifications on your home-screen be of trouble. 


With Nico, work smarter, interact easier.

Nico's interface is extremely easy to use. Just swipe down the notifications bar and drag the button until the screen goes completely transparent. ​


Nico inspires the users to make conscious decisions from the very start, rather than a simple no-brainer tap, Nico prompts the user to purposefully drag the button until their screen goes completely transparent with intention.

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