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Adon Mens is an upcoming D2C health & wellness brand for the contemporary Indian man. As a new-age brand advocating for sensitive issues such as hair loss, sexual health and skincare; helping men regain confidence through their daily actions. 


Abhishek and Natasha, approached me with Adon Mens Care’s logo and the vision to help expand their haircare and wellness range through vivid and communicative packaging. They sought my assistance in designing a visual storyline around the inner and outer-packaging of each of the products; Defend, Revive, Restore and Activate — to effectively convey the mindfully crafted characteristics of their product range, and developing meaningful brand touchpoints that aligned with their brand purpose.

Adon mens care; meet the new you.


Render curated by the PCKD team.

PCKD x Adon

I worked closely with Natasha and Abhishek, the Creative directors at PCKD Co. Studio to design Adon Mens labels and mono carton designs to align with their fresh identity curated by PCKD Co. 

Adon Mens, a client of PCKD Co. — a boutique packaging studio — was looking to add a fresh perspective to their in-store products. I worked with PCKD Co. to design and develop the designs for Adon Mens’ upcoming hair-care product range. 

Render curated by the PCKD team.

Render curated by the PCKD team.

Render curated by the PCKD team.

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