"Art is for yourself. Design is for others." 

When Praveena reached out to create a website and brand for her, I knew I had to say yes. Providing me with an  opportunity to create a brand from ground-up — she was quite free with the designs, and trusted me to guide her through the process. We worked in collaboration to create a brand that stayed synonymous with her personality, yet stood out from the rest. This was the user experience most of her clients were going to experience first hand, being a digital brand, — so, without a doubt, it had to check all the boxes and offer a unique experience putting her brand on a separate pedestal than the rest. 


Content Creation


Web Design

Ui/Ux Design

Web Development.

The problem

Praveena needed a stable, expandable and interactive platform to connect and share her recipes with her followers. Her current, and only interactive platform to engage with her followers was Instagram — there was only so much she could share and link through her Instagram posts. Her goal was to branch out to an expandable platform with higher interaction and invest in who she wants to be tomorrow.

Most blogs today, are cluttered with ads, unnecessarily long paragraphs and stories before getting to the recipes. The user has to scroll all the way to the end to find what they're looking for. It can get quite frustrating at times, and what typically happens is — they end up giving up before reaching their goal. 

Hence causing low user retention rates.

Artboard – 36@2x.jpg

The solution

Though we went through a plethora of Ideas, we know that the main goal of the solution was simple; to simplify the navigation through the website, and allow users to reach their end goal without too many hurdles.


Unique elements

There were thoughtful elements added to each page, creating a synonymous ecosystem through all the pages. This ensured an ease of flow through the pages, in turn ensuring user retention on the website.

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